Zojirushi Rice Cooker Reviews

Zojirushi rice cookers are highly acclaimed as deluxe versions within the range of available rice cookers. Although there are many for pickings by the general shoppers, this brand supposedly brings a sparkle to those who want to own a device with all the bells and whistles. Easily available from physical store shelves as well as online retailers, this kitchen appliance ranks high on its ability to cook this staple of a grain. Technology adopted into some of its models can blow standard versions out of the water.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Models offer the basic options such as capacity in terms of cups, warming ability and steamer function. Perhaps having its origins in a country whereby space is a premium, its small footprint suitably fits into matchbox kitchens yet yielding sufficient quantity to feed a small family. To add a dash of artificial intelligence into the art of cooking rice, its makers have equipped this kitchen appliance with fuzzy logic capability to tweak the cooking process for perfect results. Although this sounds rather space-age, perhaps the proof is in the pudding, preferably from rice.

Turning up a notch, some rice cooker reviews come with induction heating features. In layman’s terms, magnetic forces are used as its cooking method. Rest assured, cutlery and other kitchen devices of metallic nature are spared any magnetic attraction whenever one switches on the cooker. Models equipped with this feature probably entice consumers with deeper pockets as their price tags are significantly higher than conventional ones. With the exception of producing perfect sushi rice or catering to the whims of a rice connoisseur, lesser priced models should suffice daily needs of a general household. Aside from the conventional, these appliances also bake cakes.

Since the art of best rice cooker for some varieties yield better results via the steaming process, this is easily achieved by placing washed grains in the steamer with sufficient water in the inner pot. Avoiding direct contact with the liquid should produce fluffier grains. To spare the cook from having to hover about, timer functions as well as melodic strains or beeps indicate the cooking stages.